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Founded in 1868, Citizens National Bank of Texas is the third oldest independent bank in the State of Texas. Our philosophy of giving back to the customers, citizens, and communities we serve has kept us strong when so many other banks have failed. In 1930, Colonel Marvin E. Singleton became Chairman of the Board of CNB, and thus began the respected heritage of the Singleton family's majority ownership and leadership of the bank.
To honor their father, the children of Colonel Singleton established the M. E. Singleton Scholarship Trust in 1952. In 1996, The Shannon Elizabeth Singleton Memorial Scholarship was established in remembrance of the great-granddaughter of Colonel Singleton.
The purpose of the trust is to enable outstanding Ellis County high school seniors (and those residing in Venus or Cedar Hill) the opportunity to receive a higher education. The trust is administered by Citizens National Bank of Texas and has awarded over 650 scholarships totaling more than $4,500,000.
Students applying for the M.E. Singleton Scholarship are invited to complete the electronic application on this web site. In addition to the application, each student must submit (via fax, mail, E-mail, or in person to any CNB of Texas branch) a packet to Ms. Jennifer Rash that includes the following:
  • Copy of High School Transcript
  • Copy of parent's/guardian's most recent Tax Return
  • Current Photo
  • Essay (less than 500 words, explain why you should become a recipient)
  • Two or three recommendation letters from a principal, superintendent, counselor, teacher, or pastor/priest
The requests will be reviewed and some applicants will be invited for a personal interview with a panel of Trustees. Applications and packets are due no later than Monday, April 7th, 2014 by 6:00 p.m., and interviews will be Monday, April 28th and Tuesday, April 29th. Scholarships are generally presented at the high school awards ceremony.